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40 Creative Office Organization Ideas

This leaves room for more useable surface space on the desk, as well a corner for supplies. Jae Joo Design introduced tons of extra storage and an easy way to stay organized with this elegant antique filing cabinet. This colorful corner desk zone designed by Karyn Millet features tons of clever organization solutions, from a custom pull-out keyboard tray to a folder organizer and a space-saving sconce. Use spray adhesive to cover a cork or magnetic board with a decorative pattern.

You may want to organize by color, in alphabetical order, or some insanely creative process that only makes sense to your special brain. The next step in home office organization is to designate different areas for different tasks. For example, complete everyday work tasks at your desk, and dedicate a different area to seasonal tasks or tasks that require equipment that’s a pain to put away. If your office struggles with space, maximize your door’s use by converting plastic shoe racks into stationery organizers. You can create your organizers out of everyday household materials, like a rope.It’s a fun DIY weekend bonding project that you can do with the entire family.

Home Office Decluttering Tips: Increase Space with Storage Units

Consider a warm dual-tone wood base lamp from Anthropologie or something with personality, like the antique bronze-finish table lamp from CB2 that looks like a coiled snake. Your small office desk might not have space for a full picture frame, but this small dual frame holds two Instax prints, so you have just enough space for a portrait of your SO and fur baby. Those crunched for space to even fit a desk lamp can look to a floor lamp instead.

And most inspired home office organization ideas that we could find. To get rid of distractions, you have to learn how to declutter your workspace as much as you can. As a general rule, almost everything that you’ll be needing for work should be within your arm’s reach throughout the day. A suitable desk with ample storage plays a vital role in a clutter-free work area by keeping essential items at hand but not directly on top of a workspace.

Swap a traditional desk for something modern

You may have found the perfect computer, printer, and keyboard, but you’re not done yet. Ideally, you have some natural light already streaming through your window(s). Regardless, set up additional lamps or overhead lights near your desk so you aren’t straining your eyes. It’s tempting to just use your kitchen stool or couch, but we recommend investing in a dedicated ergonomic desk chair.

Pick a space where your neighbors’ music, the construction down the block, or the birds chirping outside are the dullest. Alexa Amador is a writer, graphic designer, and murder-mystery junkie. She graduated from KSU in metro Atlanta with a bachelor’s degree in English and has been working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for LoadUp Technologies since 2019. When she isn’t writing helpful articles about ways to declutter our lives and homes, she’s likely enjoying a glass of wine, reading, gaming or going for walks with her huskimo.

Need tips for how to organize your home office?

Place these near the corkboard, so it’s easy to access when you need to pin one of them onto the wall. It comes in a roll of 120 sticker sheets, plus you also get a chalkboard pen with an eraser with the package. Every office, including your home office, needs a memo or bulletin board. NYC-based design firm Studio DB is seasoned in maximizing small spaces. Here, it optimized a tiny home office corner with a wall-to-wall corkboard, floating shelves, two roomy built-in drawers, and plenty of surface space to spread out while working. The empty wall behind or above your desk might be the perfect spot to fill in your essentials and organize your home office.

  • Your work environment has a trickle-down effect on your projects, tasks, and your team collaboration.
  • With a rustic look perfect for farmhouse or modern decor, this set of six floating 17″ x 6″ shelves can hold books, knickknacks, and more.
  • Gator Shredding takes extensive steps to guarantee that all papers and media are discarded securely and privately.
  • The cables and wires from the electronic devices sitting on your desk look pretty bad when they’re left to hang in the wind.
  • An Instagram-worthy office can’t cure all your work-related stress, but it can make it more bearable.
  • If you’ve been struggling to find enough space in your home to set up a more permanent-feeling workspace, consider a folding secretary desk, available from Wayfair.

Now that you know why you should get organized, let’s go over how to do it. Avery has all the tools and materials you need to get your home office in order. Here are some of the basics to help get your home office organization started. Have you ever been on the phone, and someone gives you important information that you need to jot down, only to open your desk and find clutter? Because they’re clear, it’s super easy for you to spot whatever piece of stationery you may need. When it comes to reducing clutter around your home office, it’s actually a great idea to invest in some sort of storage unit with pull-out drawers.

It entails supplies like boxes, cabinets, buckets, magazine holders, and dressers that are loosely organized with smaller buckets. Imagine having a labeled box to hold all receipts that you will go through later, and then another labeled box to hold signed contracts. Take an honest look at yourself and know if you’re a general organizer or a detailed organizer. Which type matters because while you can modify your organization system in the future and are encouraged to, they need upkeep. Think “functional first, beautiful second.” That doesn’t mean you have to have big and bulky office furniture like a cubicle or an oversized desk chair.

What are the 7 steps to organize a home filing system?

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Step 1: Sort Your Paper.
  3. Step 2: Step Up A System.
  4. Step 3: Label Your Files.
  5. Step 4: Use A Filing Cabinet If You Have Lots Of Paperwork.
  6. Step 5: Store Permanent Files Securely.
  7. Step 6: Shred Often.
  8. Step 7: Use Your Filing System.

If an office tool gets a designated spot on your desk, make sure it is as beautiful as can be—perhaps it’s made of natural materials or has a unique design. Handmade items with fun details and colors can distract from their utilitarian role. This abstract counter shelf is perfect for displaying everything from a wireless humidifier to a tube of hand cream. Why would anyone keep a mammoth printer on the desk surface area?

You’ll also find a wide selection of labels and tags to help you identify what everything is and where they need to go. Clutter makes it difficult to carry out basic cleaning tasks, so taking the time to arrange things where they need to go will help keep your work area spick-and-span. They come in super cute colors and patterns.Use a marker pen to label the washi tapes according to their respective gadgets the cords belong to. This is a super creative way to construct your own memo board or even just to display items on your wall. Not to mention, the exposed wood elements add an urban quality to your entire décor situation.

home office organization tips

Many brands are creating minimal, modern, and, best of all, ergonomic home office furniture designs. Decluttering items can keep stress levels in your office to a minimum. Dispose of things that don’t help you work like old desks, computers, broken bookcases, and more. If you don’t already have a dedicated home office space, make a list of requirements you need to stay focused and be efficient.

Just because they’re called desk organizers, doesn’t mean you need to keep them on your desk. Move supplies and paperwork into the closet, so your desk can stay clean and clear. Is your desk buried under stacks of papers, rainbow-colored mountains of Post-Its and piles of office supplies? Take everything off your desk except for your computer, printer and phone.


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